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  >> Transcendental Tantra course - Level 1 <<
Transcendental Tantra, the art of manifestation.

Everything in the physical reality has shaped of energy and the superior energy is sexual energy. Everything in your life (All the matters, love, health, money, happiness, emotions, etc) is a materialisation of different levels of energy. If we learn how to master energy, then we can materialise the physical reality as we wish. Your life quality will improve when you learn how to make connection between mastering energy and materialisation.
Mastering the energy is what we can learn from Transcendental tantra. The first step to mastery energy (Materialisation) is by getting liberation from the limitations that exist in your subconscious mind, cellular memory and DNA. This is what we do during the Transcendental Tantra online course , Level 1.

In this 9day course you will learn:
1- The mechanism of creation, subconsciousness mind, cellular memory, biological consciousness (DNA), chakras, Love relationship, etc. and how they shape the circumstances of your life reality.
2- How to master the mechanism in order to manifest your ideal life. In this case, your self improvement happens by your effort and mindful living.

The course info: 
9 day online course - Via Live video chat on Facebook -
Time: 8 to 10am (Indian Time) - Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Fee: 500 $ -




>> Transcendental Tantra - Level 2 <<<   
Transcendental Tantra, the art of manifestation & healing. 6day Course in INDIA.

This course is a conscious study on Sexual energy, how to generate and master sexual energy, in order to heal the body and manifest ideal life.
Over here you will Also learn “Therapeutical Tantric”, tantric massage and full body energetic orgasm.

This 6 day course takes place at India. 
Time: Monday to Saturday. 10-1pm & 3-7pm. Every 4rd week of month 2018.               Fee: 1500$, includes accommodation.

~ Notice:  This course is a deep journey on sexuality, what we do here is extraordinary and behind the old worldview of society.




>>> Transcendental Tantra course - Level 3 <<<
Transcendental Tantra, the art of Life Mastery             18day course

This 3 weeks course is a conscious study on how to work with the soul of nature, biological consciousness of body (DNA), connection with nature and cosmic consciousness. This allows us to mastery the life and reality.

This 18day course takes place at India. 
Time: Monday to Saturday 2-8pm. At every 1st, 2nd & 3rd week of month 2018.        Fee: 3500$, includes accommodation.

~ Notice: Participating the level 1 & 2 is required to attending level 3

Notice:   Passing a short online interview is required before attending the courses.

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