What is Transcendental Tantra? What do we do here?

We work here to raise the consciousness of mankind through sharing the Transcendental Tantra Worldview.  Following T.tantra purify the cellular memories of mankind and transcend the subconscious mind. Thus it liberates humanity from the game of Samsara. In this case mankind can experience the most intensity of orgasm, which we named it 'Re-birthing Orgasm'. This experience transcend DNA and lengthen DNA Telomeres, thereby  it heals and rejuvenates the body.

Liberation from Samsara and enter the state of Nirvana  will allow you to manifest your dream life. Your inner world (Self-consciousness and cellular memories) is the creator of your reality. The world outside you is a reflection of your inner world. If you transcend the inner world the the outer world will sift to a new higher quality.

If in your life you are experiencing any challenge in the term of  abundance, richness, love relationship, health, etc, it is due to your struggle with state of your inner world and Samsara. Your subconscious mind, cellular memory are following the limited believes that your family generation and society programmed for you. If you remove all the limitation and improve a new higher state of consciousness, your life immediately and miraculously will change to higher good. This is what T.tantra can share with you, to learn how to transcend your inner world and tap to the power of Nirvana. It heals your generation cellular memories and subconscious mind.

When we start to look at the world based Transcendental Tantra Worldview, and when we experience rebirthing orgasm, we will experience the nothingness of Ego, which is the biggest obstacle between our physical dimension and metaphysic. So in the absent of Ego, emotional-mental resistance - we have the chance to see the format or language of our collective consciousness in other dimension, so we can transcend the old format to a better state.    ———————  This is a spoor language in metaphysical dimension that make a poor lifestyle.   However, through transcending the language we can change the paradigm of their reality, any issues with relationship, Money, health and etc.

Transcendental Tantra is not belong to the old or new age of tantra. This is ‘The Last Tantra’ 😉 that transcends the frequency of emotional memories in the cellular level to above 500hertz. It upgrades DNA function, lengthen telomeres and liberates subconscious mind from the limited believes that the old generation and religions implanted in mankind.    Following ’T.tantra Lifestyle’ will activate the supernatural power of Kundalini Shakti, the intelligent of heart and psychic abilities of mind. Thereby, it enables its followers to consciously manifest the reality, and master the intelligence of life force in every living beings in order to heal and rejuvenate the body.   

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